November 20 2014 Thursday at 10:56 AM

5 Easy Steps to Deleting Old Time Machine Backups

If you are an Apple User and rely on Time Machine for backing up your data and settings (you should), you know that these backups take up a lot of space.
Over time, you may not need, like, 1,000 backups. They take up much needed GB.
If you are backing up regularly you certainly don't need 3 months worth, and can do to remove some of that space. 

Here are some very Easy Steps to Deleting Old Backups and Freeing up space:

[NOTE: If you decide this is for you, We DO Recommend keeping at least 2 or 3 backups on your Time Machine ~ in case of an anomaly or bad backup, this will help guarantee you are covered]

5 Easy Steps:

  • 1) Open the Time Machine application when the Finder application is in the foreground.

  • 2) Navigate to the backup to be deleted double clicking on the corresponding position of the ruler on the right side of the screen.

  • 3) Right click with the mouse on the empty space in the Finder.

  • 4) Select Delete Backup. (note: if nothing happens press the Enter Key - Time Machine is asking you if you would, indeed like to delete this backup. Because of an occasional glitch, the finder prompt window with this option is hidden from view. You will still need to type in your admin password before anything is deleted)

  • 5) Time Machine will ask you to introduce the super user password and then it will delete the selected backup. 

    And DONE!

~ Pixels & Ink