September 21 2012 Friday at 12:49 PM

Endeavour's Final Flight ~ In Pictures

California residents set their gaze skyward today as the Space Shuttle Endeavour left Edwards Air Force Base piggy-backed on a Boeing 747 for it's final flight. The Shuttle will land at LAX and find its resting place at The California Science Center in Los Angeles, California. 

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Check out these incredible shots of the Final Flight!

photo by Christopher Ebdon, AV8PIX

photo by Moses (Moshe) Hacmon

photo by Moses (Moshe) Hacmon

photo by Matt Devino -

photo by Jill Clardy

photo by Rohan Talip

photo by multimediaimpre

photo by Camilla Corona


The US Space shuttle Endeavour atop NASA's Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (AFP/NASA/File, Bill Ingalls)

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